New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
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A tutorial for pretty fabric envelopes to use up your stash of fabric

Sonia Bownes

Fabric envelopes DIY

I love this project because it's super quick! Every time I've made these people have loved them, and once you get started making them it's addictive. You can print out the pattern so it fills an A4 sheet, or make it smaller, it will still work.

You will need:

  • This pattern
  • Light to medium weight fabric
  • Medium weight interfacing
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Pinking shears or scalloped shears
  • Envelope template
  • Iron and ironing board
  • High Tack double sided tape 
  • Ring top fashion snaps (poppers)
  • Snap setting tool
  • Hammer
  • Small sharp scissors


Step One:
Trace the envelope template onto your interfacing, then iron it on to the fabric.

TOP TIP! Be very careful to place the sticky side of the interfacing against the fabric and not the iron, or you’ll get a very sticky iron! If in doubt, move the interfacing around under the light to work out which is the slightly glimmering side – that is the gluey side, which should be on the fabric not the iron

Envelope tutorial

Step Two:
Use use your pinking shears to cut out the template. Use little sharp tipped scissors to snip out the notches if you can 

Envelope tutorial


Step Three:
Fold the corners in – fold from the centre of the notches to create an envelope shape. Iron the folds flat, and then use high-tack double sided tape to stick down the flaps

Envelope tutorial

Step Four:
Set a popper in the top and bottom of the envelope
TOP TIP! Make sure that you set the poppers in facing the right way! It’s really easy to muddle it up so double check before you whack with the hammer. Be decisive when you whack but don’t whack your finger tips!
Fabric Envelope tutorial

And there you go, a great stash busting project. If your popper is a bit stiff, rub the male side with a candle to make it a bit more slippery

Fabric envelope tutorial

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