New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
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Tie Dye Polka dots hack

Sonia Bownes

Tie Dye Spot Hack


Today's project is just a quick one - but it's high drama! You'll need rubber bands and clingfilm, a cotton or viscose thing to dye and some home dye. 

Take a piece  of fabric, and pull it to a point.

Put clingfilm over the point, and then wrap a rubber band as tightly as you can around the clingfilm. This will prevent the dye getting to the area covered by the clingfilm, creating a big spot with a lovely textured edge. 

Tie dye spots

Then either spray or submerge the cotton in dye - follow the instructions to make up the right solution depending on the brand you use.

tie dye

WWhen it's steeped for a good while, 45 minutes or so, fish it out of the dye and give it a really good rinse. 

Finally, pull off the rubber and clingfilm to reveal your big spots! 



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