New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
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Nice to meet you!

Sonia Bownes

Hello I'm Sonia of the Lovely Craft Club

It's been a while since I properly introduced myself, and seeing as it's a bit of a new start for me this year, now seems like a good time to say hello. 

I'm Sonia, and I love making things. I really enjoy being able to make the things I like and I love the process of creating something from scratch. I've always made things for as long as I can remember, and I started making my own clothes as soon as I was allowed on the sewing machine! At art college I studied Glass and Sculpture, and when I was there I made sure I had a go at everything from welding to carving to glass engraving. These days I always want to try the latest craft or gadget, and over the decades I've picked up an awful lot of craft skills. 

The longer I spend as part of the creative world, the more I see how crafting benefits people. It helps us relax and distracts us from worry. It gives us a sense of agency over our surroundings in the face of an increasingly digital and abstract world. It teaches us to value the labour and materials involved in the things we buy and makes us treasure them more. And it builds confidence, and gives us a boost to see a thing we created from raw materials with our own skills. 

So for me, it was an obvious step to start teaching the crafts I know. I've spend years learning how to teach craft well, trying to understand all the different ways that people learn, what makes people nervous or self-conscious and how to make be as compassionate a teacher as I can. In 2014 I founded the London Craft Club, and for the last six years I've been sharing my teaching skills with other crafters, so that they can pass on their skills too. 

Encouraging people to take up making has been one of the most rewarding things I've done. Not only through teaching, but also by creating tutorials and how-tos.  I put a lot of care into making sure they're really easy to follow, and anyone could use them to complete a project. I want to spend a lot of 2020 building this blog into a brilliant resource for new and experienced crafters alike, so I'm letting go some of the workshop-organising side of my life and focusing on teaching a few really lovely sessions instead. The rest of my timte I'll be spending creating projects and ideas that can be followed by anyone, anywhere online. 

I really hope you find this useful as it grows, and if you're near London any time I hope you'll come to one of my events! 

See you soon

Sonia x








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  • judith on

    I wish you all the best, you sound like a creative and devoted person. I do not live in uk but hope to attend a class of yours one day.

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