New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
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My crochet journey

Sonia Bownes

My crochet journey

If I'm truly honest, for years I couldn't get on board with crochet because of the holes. I am not into lacy, and the interesting crochet stitches always looked a little bit gappy -  not really my thing. But it was Zoe's unwavering commitement to crochet, and the fact that it irked me not to have a basic craft skill under my belt that has made me a convert! 

I dabble a few times - once creating an monstrous pair of slippers, and then a few baskets, but I wasn't a convert. But then I found a whole stash of super soft cashermino in my stash and it's not colours I can wear (ie pale!) so I thought I'd give hexagons a go. 

Why did no-one warn me? 

The hexagon is the single most addictive craft I have ever tried. I can't be in the same room as them without having to go over and do a couple. I have moved from 40 minutes to complete one to 12 minutes (yes, I timed it) and am unable to get to bed before 2am because of their siren call. It's like crack! 

Hexie project bag

What's more, I started on the only hook I had to hand which is 3mm. If you don't crochet, then let me tell you that is pretty small. I am going to be working on this hexie blanket for years (and years and years) to come. Hello Netflix goodbye life. 

After a quite a while, the hexie obsession slowed and I wanted new projects. So next up - mittens. They don't fit that well but they are super warm. The only thing I miss from knitting is ribbing. What's the ribbing stretchy equivalent in crochet? If you know, let me know. This is the Cosmic Fliptop Mittens free pattern and to my mind it needs a ribbed cuff, but is otherwise great. 

Flip top mittens

Possibly the thing that cemented my new love of crochet was tearing a calf muscle last week. I love playing netball (I know I don't look sporty but I live a secret double life!) but after Thursday's session I was utterly immobile and had to have my leg up and with a cold pack on it. So I tackled snoods, and in order to find a challenge I tried this free xoxo cowl pattern pattern, but in a bigger yarn to make it easier to see what I was going.

Xoxo Cowl pattern crochet

I wanted something with lots of texture, but not too gappy and holey! I love this pattern, and it was a proper delight to do. It required the joyful bobble stitch! It's much more fun than even the Blackberry/Trinity knitting stitch, and super adorable texture. Plus something called a crossed DC and also camel stitch. I loved doing it but I don't like the finished item's colour or thickness, so I'm redoing it in a DK yarn with a smaller hook on a much bigger scale, in a lovely sage coloured merino. Very excited to start that, see you on the other side!

So now I have a pile of crochet projects. Obviously I need somewhere to keep them, so I tacked Arm Crochet, or more accurately Finger Crochet, and made this slouchy basket. It's a made-up pattern but it's not exactly unlike a ton of other baskets out there! I love it because I drag it about the house, and it flops down next to me with a kerflop sigh. 

Slouchy Superchunky Crochet Basket

 Annoyingly my leg seems to be on the mend, so I will have to slow down a bit. My next two projects are the Make.e Moon bag and Crafting for Weeks leopard hat, and then I fancy the Wintertide Blanket by Lion Brand. Got any recommendations for a super excited crochet newbie? 

I have to thank Zoe @toocutetoquit for all this. She's so patient at explaining crochet, and to my mind she's the best teacher for anyone wanting to start crochet. And if I've convinced you to try it, she's teaching a whole bunch of classes that will get you started. Here's the link below. And if you are one of the thousands of people Zoe has taught to crochet, let us know how your crochet life is going in the comments, or in Insta! 

Zoe's crochet classes!  

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  • Michel Leys on

    Have a crochet & lace collection between 100 and 150 years old. A real collectors item. Contains 486 pieces in an album. Can send photos if interested.

  • Geraldine on

    Yes, I’m a crochet afficionado now thanks to Zoe! I have still to tackle something big and shaped, like a jumper, so that will be my next adventure!

  • Tess on

    There is a crochet equivalent for ribbing. Have a look online for all about ami’s blog for ribbing pattern in one of her beanie patterns

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