New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
New workshops out on Sunday 9th February
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What makes the Big Craft Swish work?

Sonia Bownes

The Big Craft Swish 2020

This morning, despite the awful weather brought in by Storm Dennis, the Big Craft Swish was packed as ever! Every year this gets better and better, and it's all down to the volunteers and the people who bring their materials. 

The Big Craft Swish 2020

The volunteers, many of whom have been coming for several years, are trulyt wonderful. This year the Swish felt like it ran itself - I opened the boot of my car to reveal the last year's worth of excess stock, and they swung into action sorting and laying out all the materials. Sarah had even brought boxes to organise the patterns and books. So on behalf of all of us, to all the volunteers, including Megan in the rain ticking people in, my huge thanks again! 

But also to everyone who bought a ticket and came along, thank you!  You all came out in the rain with your bags and suitcases, from Surrey, Herts and further, you brave souls! This year I was delighted at how little was left for me to rehome at the end, because it means it's all found somewhere it's going to be loved.And from what I heard as I went round, lots of people got some great hauls! I was pretty reserved this year, I went for wool to feed my new crochet obsession in my favourite colours. 

 My haul from the Big Craft Swish

So now we wait to see what the hashtag #bigcraftswish turns up! What did you get? What will you make? Let's spread the word about ways to reuse and rehome craft materials and next year will be bigger and better! 

One last time! Thank you to you, the wondeful craft community for embracing the Big Craft Swish with such enthusiasm. Oh, and for finding the lost baby photos of my son! 

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